Overview - A.B.S. - Flexible Silos für Pellets und Schüttgut

Tried and tested pellet silos from A.B.S.
Tried and tested pellet silos from A.B.S. – always the best solutionAlways the best solution

We at A.B.S. build a suitable silo solution for your storage room. We combine the given room situation with the requirements for boiler and discharge.

Storing wood pellets in flexible fabric silos from A.B.S. joins a traditional fuel type with modern convenience.

Our production facility in Germany manufactures the silo bags for the pellets from high-strength high-tech fabric. This fabric is adapted to wood pellets as a delicate bulk material, it is dust-tight and features permanent electrostatic dissipation. The flexible walls and built-in impact protection ensure gentle filling of your fuel.

For high-capacity silos, our company founder has developed an extremely exclusive high-strength fabric. Only A.B.S. uses this material to manufacture high-performance wood pellet silos which allow you to make reliable plans for the future.

You will receive a robust steel frame which we offer as a galvanized version as a standard. This means that paint damage and rust are not an issue for your silo. On request, outside placement is also possible. Naturally this is “Made in Germany” as well.

The large range of discharging units from A.B.S. offers you maximum flexibility. The storage system is supplied in individual parts, in compact packaging on a pallet. This means that all pellet silos can be delivered to their final location, even through the most narrow doors.

Different names for different storage tanks:
pellet silo – bag silo – wood pellet silo – fabric silo – textile silo – Trevirasilo KoSa silo – fabric tank – pellet tank – pellet bunker – bunker with inclined floor – industrial storage – pellet storage – bulk material storage – pellet etc.


Flexilo MAXI Flexilo TROUGH Flexilo SPRING Flexilo MODULE Flexilo FLAT BOTTOM Flexilo OUTDOOR

How can I recognise good pellets?

Pellets are a popular alternative fuel to wood - they can be stored in a space-saving manner, are inexpensive and produce low emissions when burned. But how do you recognize good wood pellets?

Wood pellets are standardized and must comply with DIN 51731 in Germany. However, pellet manufacturers have a great deal of leeway within these standard values, which is why the pellet quality can vary considerably.

First of all, you should take a close look at the pellets, because the quality is already visible on the surface. A smooth, glossy surface with minimal cracks speaks for a good quality. Another quality characteristic of pellets is their abrasion, which should be as low as possible. You can usually recognize this already in the packaging or delivery. Here, the less dust is generated, the better.


The quality mark of the certification body DIN CERTCO certifies that the quality of the wood pellets is guaranteed by optimal storage.
is achieved. Only the Flexilo Standard is DIN approved.


For applications with appropriate zoning, we also take into account the regulations of the ATEX directives and bring more safety in the area of explosion protection with our products.

Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein

Our fabric has been tested for tear resistance by the Hohenstein Research Institute. The institute assigns the A.B.S. fabric the characteristic of absolute tear resistance.

EN plusTo achieve the optimum result, you should use quality pellets according to EU standard 17225-2 or EN plus or according to DIN-plus certification.

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