Flexilo MINI - A.B.S. - Flexible Silos für Pellets und Schüttgut

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Flexilo MINI
Small silo – maximum convenience

Even without a pellet tank truck

The newcomer in the Flexilo range will make the storing of wood pellets even easier for you. Flexilo MINI is ideal for homes which cannot be accessed by a pellet tank truck or for heating systems with a low pellet demand. As a standard, Flexilo MINI is open at the top and can therefore be filled with pellet sacks very easily. 

The wood pellets are extracted either by means of a suction box or a screw box. Thanks to tried and tested pipe connectors, you can install the silo in record time - the hexagon key is provided in the scope of delivery, of course. Flexilo MINI is also excellently suited as an intermediate container and can be equipped with an exernal pellet suction box from A.B.S. at any time. 


  • The most inexpensive/favorable way of storing pellets 
  • Filling with pellet sacks
  • Suction box or screw box included in the scope of delivery
  • Simple and fast assembly in only 20 minutes
  • Assembly material included

Advantages of wood pellet silos

Service and quality


For applications with appropriate zoning, we also take into account the regulations of the ATEX directives and bring more safety in the area of explosion protection with our products.

Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein

Our fabric has been tested for tear resistance by the Hohenstein Research Institute. The institute assigns the A.B.S. fabric the characteristic of absolute tear resistance.

EN plusTo achieve the optimum result, you should use quality pellets according to EU standard 17225-2 or EN plus or according to DIN-plus certification.