Flexilo FLAT BOTTOM - A.B.S. - Flexible Silos für Pellets und Schüttgut

Flexilo FLAT BOTTOM - as good as it getsFlexilo FLAT BOTTOM
As good as it gets

The cubical Flexilo FLAT BOTTOM uses between 80 and 90 % of the storage space.

This way, wood pellets can be stored in a space-saving way even in sensitive and low rooms. Our customers have been relying on silos from A.B.S. since 1984.


  • Highest possible filling volume: up to 90 % of the pellet storage room can be used
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Discharge nozzle for manual discharge as a standard
  • Suction connections, assembly entrance, manual discharge and filling line can be placed at any side in line with your requirements
  • Special dimensions for any application

Advantages of wood pellet silos

Service and quality


For applications with appropriate zoning, we also take into account the regulations of the ATEX directives and bring more safety in the area of explosion protection with our products.

Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein

Our fabric has been tested for tear resistance by the Hohenstein Research Institute. The institute assigns the A.B.S. fabric the characteristic of absolute tear resistance.

EN plusTo achieve the optimum result, you should use quality pellets according to EU standard 17225-2 or EN plus or according to DIN-plus certification.