Flexilo ECO - A.B.S. - Flexible Silos für Pellets und Schüttgut

Flexilo ECO
Cost-efficient storage of wood pellets

Flexilo ECO – brand new and tailored to your interests

The Flexilo is now also available in a robust frame made of wood – a natural, renewable resource. To meet the high requirements for the support frame, the A.B.S. engineers decided to use structural timber made which is manufactured using state-of-the-art processes.

Due to the low moisture content in the wood, the Flexilo ECO can achieve an extremely long service life. All of the connecting elements are made of high-quality galvanized steel. Our connection system means that assembly of your pellet silo can be completed with unrivalled speed.

The recently developped silo in our portfolio provides you with an environmentally friendly solution at an attractive price.


  • Simple and fast installation
  • Easy and friendly to maintain
  • Fast delivery
  • Discharge and outlet can be adapted to almost any boiler

Advantages of wood pellet silos

Service and quality


The quality mark of the certification body DIN CERTCO certifies that the quality of the wood pellets is guaranteed by optimal storage.
is achieved. Only the Flexilo Standard is DIN approved.


For applications with appropriate zoning, we also take into account the regulations of the ATEX directives and bring more safety in the area of explosion protection with our products.

Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein

Our fabric has been tested for tear resistance by the Hohenstein Research Institute. The institute assigns the A.B.S. fabric the characteristic of absolute tear resistance.

EN plusTo achieve the optimum result, you should use quality pellets according to EU standard 17225-2 or EN plus or according to DIN-plus certification.