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Silos for wood pellets

An increasing number of home owners switch over to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heating with modern pellet furnaces. While before people were converting mostly basement rooms into storages – often on their own initiative – today more and more people use prefabricated storages to be set up anywhere or storages that are buried underground. The DEPI (German Pellet Institute) advises private customers to use prefabricated storages. The advantages of self-built storage rooms are a good use of available space and the possibility to reduce costs due to own contributions. But the risk of misplanning and poor execution of construction work is considerably higher with self-built storage rooms than with premanufactured storages. Ready-made storages offer a well-planned, wholistic storage solution that includes professional filling and discharge systems. They are especially suitable in damp basement rooms.

But what makes fabric silos of all silos an optimal storage facility for wood pellets? The manufacturing facilities of A.B.S. Silos – located in Germany – makes the silo sack for pellets out of high-strength, high-tech fabric. This fabric is adapted to the sensitive bulk goods, it is dust-proof and permanently electrostatically conductive. The flexible walls and a built-in impact protection ensure that your fuel is filled into the silo gently. Because the fabric is breathable, the feed air doesn’t have to be exhausted during the filling and there is no condensation due to temperature fluctuations. In addition to this we supply you with a robust wooden frame or a frame made of galvanized steel. If desired, it is possible to install the silos outdoors with the additional use of a (fabric) shelter against the weather.

Fabric silos from A.B.S. are easy to mount and dismount. The filling level is easily discernible – even without measuring technology. Cleaning can often be done simply by tapping the silo walls from the outside. Unlike with bunker silos, with fabric silos it is not necessary to enter the silo for cleaning, which can be very precarious due to the formation of nitrogen. A.B.S. has a huge repertoire of discharge devices, which affords a maximum of flexibility. We deliver the whole storage system compactly to you on a pallet. This way, every pellet silo can be carried through any narrow door or attic hatch to its destination.

Below, you can read more about our types of silos and our conveying systems. You will also find a planning aid.




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Here you will learn, among other things, what must be taken into account when filling, extraction and choice of storage location


What makes our silos special:

Icon High-Tech-Gewebe

For special requirements we use an exclusive special fabric, which was developed by the company founder Adolf Lesk together with the fabric manufacturer. This fabric is air-permeable, many times more high-strength than the standard fabric and permanently electrostatically dissipative.

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High strength values and resistance: seams and fabrics are designed with at least seven times safety. Depending on the design and bulk material, we can even count on a hundred times safety factor. With our quality assurance system as well as modern work techniques, IT-supported processes and regularly trained staff we are one of the top manufacturers of flexible silos.

Frequently asked questions:

Advantages of wood pellet silos

Tested safety and quality
A trademark of A.B.S.

Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein

Our fabric was tested for tear resistance by the Hohenstein Research Institute. The institute awards to the fabric of A.B.S. the characteristic of absolute tear resistance.


The quality mark of the certification center DIN CERTCO certifies that the quality of the wood pellets is guaranteed by optimal storage. DIN tested is only the Flexilo Standard.
DIN certificate registration number: 8L002
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We also consider the regulations of the ATEX rules for applications with corresponding area classification and bring more safety in the area of explosion protection with our products.

EN plus

To achieve the best result, you should use quality pellets according to EU standard 17225-2 or EN plus or according to DIN plus certification.

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Flexilo STANDARD with its characteristic conical silo form fits with any pellet boiler.

Flexilo ECO is an environment- and budget-friendly storing solution.

Easy storage in Flexilo MINI, it’s made for pellet boilers with a low consumption.

Flexilo MAXI has the maximal storage capacity – it is made especially for pellet stoves starting at 50 kW.

The cubical Flexilo FLAT BOTTOM uses between 80 and 90 % of the storage space.

A safe and reliable discharge is guaranteed with Flexilo TROUGH – it is ideal for long and narrow spaces.

Flexilo SPRING is the intelligent derivative of a lifting silo. It makes the most of the available space.

Here you can find compatible accessories for the filling of and discharge from our wood pellet silos.

Storage is space-saving and versatile with Flexilo MODULE, even with a ceiling height of only 1.80 meters!

Flexilo OUTDOOR - the weatherproof silo for outdoor areas, when there is not enough space indoors.


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