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Silo solutions for industrial purposes

Why fabric silos for industrial purposes? Because they are flexible and versatile but at the same time also safe and they meet the highest requirements. Flex-Silos qualify anywhere where bulk goods need to be stored quickly, efficiently and safely with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

The versatile solutions from A.B.S. are employed in – among other industries – the plastic, recycling, pharmaceutical, food, animal feed and confectionary industries. The A.B.S. bulk goods list will provide you with an overview of a broad range of possible applications.

The fabrics used are selected exactly in accordance with the requirements of your bulk goods: So, e.g. coated and uncoated fabrics as well as versions approved for food and electrically conductive versions are available. Also, the construction and equipment are precisely adapted to the special requirements of the respective products, e.g. in regard to outlet diameter, inclination and additional filters. With appropriate zone division, the silos and system components are manufactured in accordance with the regulations of the ATEX guideline. It is also possible to equip high-tech polyester fabrics in accordance with fire class DIN 4102 B2.

We guarantee at least a sevenfold safety on seams and fabrics – A.B.S. technicians even count on average on a twelvefold safety when manufacturing the extremely durable silos. The rigidity values are tested regularly by the Hohenstein Institutes. They are.are comparable with the values of metal silos. Unlike the latter though, the silos from A.B.S. can be mounted in places that are very difficult to access and can be cleaned easily, e.g. even just by tapping them from the outside.

Because of the various types of A.B.S. silos and the possibilty to adjust these further, they provide an optimal use of space. They are available in rectangular or square shape and you can choose the shut-off and draining devices freely. The fabric silos from Osterburken have perfect discharge characteristics and empty completely. For goods that are difficult to discharge, our silos can additionally be equipped with effective A.B.S. discharge aids.

Silos für die Industrie

Advantages of silos for industry

Tested safety and quality
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Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein

In any place where determining or optimizing the quality of textiles through material testing is concerned, one relies on the experienced assessment of the Hohenstein Institutes. That is why the fabric processed in pellet silos is regularly subjected to material testing for mechanical strength. The institute awards to the fabric of A.B.S. the characteristic of absolute tear resistance.


Our silos and our silo systems are designed in compliance with the valid regulations and standards. We also observe the regulations of the ATEX rules for applications with corresponding area classification and provide more safety in the area of explosion protection with our products. Because of decades of experience, we give process reliability and cost savings in the storage of bulk goods for a wide variety of requirements in all areas.

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For special requirements, we use an exclusive special fabric that the company founder Adolf Lesk developed together with the fabric manufacturer. This fabric is air-permeable, many times stronger than the standard fabric and permanently electrostatically conductive.

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High strength values and resistance: seams and fabrics are designed with at least a sevenfold safety. Depending on the design and bulk material, we can even count on a hundred times safety factor. With our quality assurance system as well as modern work techniques, IT-supported processes and regularly trained staff, we are one of the top manufacturers of flexible silos.

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A.B.S. Big Bags - Flexible Mehrweg-Schüttgutbehälter für den Langzeiteinsatz.

Either a new plant or an expansion of existing facilities – we offer turn-key wholistic solutions with a system.

Flexible silos are in demand anywhere today where bulk goods need to be stored quickly, efficiently and safely with optimal value for money.

Flex-Silos provide a maximum use of available space, have a very long durability and are above all flexible and versatile.

The silo is made of high-tech polyester fabric and precisely adapted to the requirements of your EPS/EPP products.

Flex-Containers are ideally suited for the intermediate storage of products within manufacturing processes.

Discharge Aids – Highly effective and tested discharge aids for safe discharge


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