Mineral nutrients silo  - A.B.S. - Flexible Silos für Pellets und Schüttgut

mineralstoffsilo LW grau zMineral nutrients silo from A.B.S.
non-breathable and coated yet flexible

You use mineral nutrients as an addition to your animal feed and you are looking for an optimum storage option?

We have the perfect solution for you: Our flexible A.B.S. mineral nutrients silos made of coated, non-breathable, high-strength, high-tech fabric are ideal for hygroscopic mineral nutrients which are used as e.g. feed additives. The mineral feed silos ensure a constantly dry mineral feed quality without disruptive lumps.

Our silo experts adapt the silo construction to the special requirements of the different products with regard to filter lid, outlet diameter, cone incline, stepped cone, manual outlet, additional filter. etc.

Why silos for agriculture?

The agricultural sector has been particularly close to our hearts for decades!

A basic prerequisite for the rational production of animal products is the use of high-quality feed that is free of impurities, pests and fungi. Poor feed hygiene leads to a loss of feed quality and thus to reduced palatability, nutrient losses and an increased risk of disease in the animals - this is why you should store your feed in our feed silos made of high-strength high-tech fabric!

All our silos for agriculture are breathable and preserve the quality of the feed. In the production of, for example, our feed silos, grain silos and mineral silos, we take great care to ensure that only selected products are used for manufacturing. It has been a matter of course for us for years that our feed silos are manufactured according to food standards!

For over 36 years farmers have relied on silos from A.B.S. for the storage of their feed, grain and minerals - we would be pleased to advise you before buying a silo for agriculture!


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