Mineral nutrients silo  - A.B.S. - Flexible Silos für Pellets und Schüttgut

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Mineral nutrients silo from A.B.S.
non-breathable and coated, yet flexible

You use mineral nutrients as an addition to your animal feed and you are looking for an optimal storage facility?

We have the perfect solution for you: Our flexible A.B.S. mineral nutrients silos made of coated, non-breathable, high-strength, high-tech fabric are ideal for hygroscopic mineral nutrients that are used as e.g. feed additives. These silos ensure a constant dryness of the mineral feed without disruptive lumps.

Our experts adapt the silo design to the special requirements of the different products with regard to filter lid, outlet diameter, cone incline, stepped cone, manual outlet, additional filter. etc.

Advantages of silos for agriculture

Service and quality

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The FC fabric used for these silos complies with all requirements of regulation (EG) No. 1935/2004 and in particular regulation VO (EU) No. 10/2011 on materials and objects made of plastic, which are intended to come into contact with food.

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High strength values and resistance: seams and fabrics are designed with at least sevenfold safety.

Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein


Our fabrics were tested for tear resistance by the Hohenstein Research Institute. The institute awards to the fabrics of A.B.S. the characteristic of absolute tear resistance.



We also consider the regulations of the ATEX rules for applications with corresponding area classification and provide with our products more safety in the area of explosion protection.