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A.B.S. External pellet vacuum cleaner VACUPELLET
Pneumatic suction system for pellet boilers

Pellet vacuum cleaner Vacupellet is a very convenient way to keep your four walls warm.

For a long time now, the pellet vacuum cleaner has been one of the facilitators in the heating industry. The vacuum cleaner conveniently, gently and safely transports your pellets from the storage room to the daily storage container of the pellet boiler (up to max. 50 kW).

The pellet vacuum cleaner can be used universally and fits without any problems to almost every pellet boiler that has to be filled manually.The pellet vacuum cleaner can be mounted on every pellet boiler whose day tank may be operated with an open lid. The Vacupellet requires a footprint of 35 x 35 cm on the day tank.

On demand, the pellet vacuum cleaner sucks the pellets out of the fabric silo or storage room via a suction hose up to 20 meters long. Differences in height of 6 meters can be overcome in the process.

The pellet vacuum cleaner is delivered ready to plug in and is ready for use in just a few steps. The intelligent microprocessor control monitors and regulates the filling process.

Time windows can be selected for the conveying times. The times or cycles are freely adjustable. The settings can be made via the control panel in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.


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